Waterproof leather Tape Measure

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Waterproof leather Tape Measure

The shell is made of new ABS material, with compression resistance and wear resistance and long service life

Large pull ring ruler hook, wear-resistant and durable, easy to use

Tough shell and high-quality ruler belt are widely used

Product Description

Waterproof leather Tape Measure from China factory

(1)Heat sealed markings for longer life, outside finish of vinyl coating, inside core of glass fibers for strength and durability.

(2)Characteristics:(a)Excellent resistance to moisture. (b) Long-wearing material.(c) Long-lasting and easy resding markings.

(3)Performance ability :(a)About three times as stable as linen. (b)Will withstand up to about 30kgs(240Lbs) pull without breaking.

(4)Specifications:14mm wide for easier reading,0.5mm thick.

All plastic shells + high-quality tape
The ruler shell is made of plastic thickened, and the surface is oxidized with piano paint, the back is reinforced by stainless steel screws, sturdy and durable, thicker tape, first-class precision,and the surface is painted with vinyl.
The classic box-type leather tape measure is fastened by plastic around it

Origin Shang Qiu Brand songchuang
Specifications 20m,30m,50m Customized processing Yes
Type steel tape Measuring range 0-50000 (mm)
Material stainless steel Accuracy 1mm
Number of cases 50 Size 1.4 * 10mm
Net weight 0.3KG Scope of application construction site and daily life
Tape width 10mm Tape length 50m
System metric Series Measuring ruler


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