Pressure Resistant Fiber Steel Frame Tape Measure

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Pressure Resistant Fiber Steel Frame Tape Measure

Anti rotation labor-saving rocker
The ruler belt retracts without knotting
Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip
The tip of the cone core is firmly fixed
Customizable fiber tape
ABS new material shell

Product Description

Pressure Resistant Fiber Steel Frame Tape Measure

Anti-rotation labor-saving rocker

The ruler belt retracts without knotting

Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip

The tip of the cone core is firmly fixed

Customizable Rubber covered frame fiber pressure resistant steel frame tape measure from China factory

ABS new material shell

BTE Imperial Good Quality 30m 50m 100m 100 165 330 Feet Stainless Steel Inch Thickened Anti-Pressure Measuring Tape Metal


Origin shangqiu Brand songchuang
Specifications 30m,50m,100m Customized processing Yes
Type steel tape Measuring range 3000-10000 (mm)
Material stainless steel Accuracy 1mm
Number of cases 50 Size 1.8 * 12.5mm
Net weight 1KG Scope of application construction site and daily life
Tape width 12.5mm Tape length 30m
System metric Series Measuring ruler


Pressure-resistant steel frame tape measures are one of the most important tools to have in your toolbox. They are used to measure sheet metal thickness and corrugations, and they do it time and time again. Since they must withstand a great amount of pressure, they are made out of high-quality steel that is designed to be durable under the most severe conditions. This is what makes them one of the best quality and most famous brands in the modern world.
The advantage of buying this kind of tape measure over others is that it can be used over and over again without having to change out any parts, unlike other tapes that need replacing when they get worn or damaged. Also, it is much more cost-effective than buying a new tape measure each time you want to measure something for an application like this.
How does this compare against other tape measures? What features should I look for?

Standardized measurement (the standard length)

– While there are several brands out there with different measuring length standards, this does not make them any better than each other; each brand has its own unique intended application for its measurements.


– Steel has been the material used by all the manufacturers that make pressure-resistant tape measures for decades now; not only does steel resist corrosion and wear better than metal, but it also offers a higher degree of durability and resistance to wear than metal alone can offer.


– The materials used by these companies do not compromise on quality; every brand uses an entirely different type of steel which is usually either stainless steel or heat-treated into specific properties so as to resist corrosion more effectively than other types of steel can (such as aluminum).


– As far as competitive pricing goes, these brands’ prices tend to be lower since they have a higher degree of functionality added on top (which reduces their overall cost) while still satisfying their intended applications (and making them more affordable). Also, you can take your price further down if you choose from several brands at once (so long as you don’t mind paying for shipping).


– These brands all offer long warranties so that you know your investment will give 100% protection for years regardless what happens with them (or with you). There is also nothing worse than buying something before finding out that it doesn’t work after years pass.

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In the last few years, we’ve seen a surge in the popularity of paper tape measures. While there are a few advantages to using a digital tape measure like the Moleskine or Gusto, they also have their limitations:

  • They are good for measuring small things (like cup sizes) but they aren’t practical for measuring larger items, like bags of flour or buckets of sand.
  • They aren’t particularly portable and it can be difficult to focus on writing down measurements with the weight of your hand in the way.
  • They don’t always have the right line thickness (5mm vs. 10mm vs. 20mm) and they don’t always have the right measurement markings (1/32″ vs. 1/8″ vs. 1/4″).

That leaves us with nothing but paper tape measures! And in this week’s post, we will look at how we may be able to solve some of these problems by making our own tape measure out of rubber-covered fiber pressure-resistant steel frame tape measures!

• Rubber coated frame: We used 50 feet rolls of 50lb vinyl-coated nylon rope with holes drilled through them at 45° angles; these were then glued onto the frame with double-sided tape . . . . . . . . . . . which was then covered with rubber coated fiber pressure resistant steel frame tape at 45° angles from 5/32″ – 3/8″ thick. The manufacturers provided us with 10 ft rolls for this project; however, if you can find any suitable stocks that are bigger you could make up some more fabric for future use too! (The supplier should be able to tell you if such stocks exist or where you might order them.) The main benefit is that these fabric-covered steel frames will stretch a lot and will not warp when used as tapes. Properly handled, these would also be waterproof!

• Fiber pressure-resistant steel tape: These are basically metallic-colored high-strength polyester cloth tape that has been treated with UV stabilizers which make them look shiny and attractive enough to use on our tapes — though no one is going to confuse it with anything else like leather or canvas.

Company Information

Yucheng Songchuang measuring tools Co., Ltd. is located in Yucheng County, known as “China steel tape city” in the eastern Henan Plain of the Central Plains. The company was founded in 2002, formerly known as the state-owned machinery factory, with nearly 20 years of production experience. It is an enterprise approved and registered by relevant state departments. The company can provide you with all kinds of tape measures with complete specifications and novel styles, including steel tape, frame long steel tape, electroplating tape, oxidation dipstick tape, and Rubber covered frame fiber pressure-resistant steel frame tape measure. We can provide you with various types of steel tape with metric, British and metric formats, 1m-1000m in length and 6mm-33mm in width, which can meet the needs of different markets. Our company has long-term cooperative relations with many well-known domestic industry companies, and the products are sold all over the country; East Asia; Eastern Europe; Africa; North America; Southeast Asia; South America; Middle East; Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan; Western Europe and other places. Yucheng Songchuang measuring tools Co., Ltd. will always adhere to the customer-centered service purpose, “quality and reputation first” is the consistent goal of our company. Welcome friends at home and abroad to negotiate and seek common development.


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