High wear-resistant Steel Tape Measure

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High wear-resistant Steel Tape Measure

Water based high wear-resistant matte essential oil
Electrophoretic black plating of ruler hook
Water based high wear resistant essential oil
High wear resistance
High precision
Fall resistance

Product Description

High wear-resistant Steel Tape Measure

Water based high wear-resistant matte essential oil
Electrophoretic black plating of ruler hook
High wear resistance
High precision
Fall resistance

The tape is used for many purposes in daily life. It consists of eight parts: shell, ruler bar, brake, ruler hook, lifting belt, ruler spring, prevention and control protective sleeve and labeling. It can be used to measure the

Length and distance. In the process of using the tape, we sometimes encounter the problem that the tape can not be pulled back. After understanding the structure of the tape, we will know how to install it back. Mainly

The ruler bar and the ruler spring are wound around the main shaft so that the ruler spring can retract the ruler core. Let’s take a look at the structure of the long steel tape measure.

What is the structure of the tape measure from China factory?

If you’re new to this, there are a few different kinds of tape measures. There is the standard metric tape measure, which measures in inches. There are also other kinds of tape measures, for example, metric and imperial, which measure in millimeters or centimeters.

There is no one standard for measuring: most people agree that imperial measures should be metric when it comes to units of measurement, but many people use centimeters and millimeters interchangeably.
The most common reason people use a metric tape measure varies from person to person — some people prefer millimeters because they are easier to read than centimeters; others prefer centimeters because they are familiar with them (for example, I have been using centimeters since I was in grade school); others like the range of precision you can get with centimeters, and still, others prefer the convenience of millimeters because they can be easily moved around without much hassle.
The first thing this kind of steel tape measure needs is “high wear resistance”. Whether it is made out of high quality steel like stainless steel, carbon steel or alloy steels, it needs enough wear resistance to be able to withstand repeated use without rusting out. This means that it will not rust out if you toss this thing around on the floor or if you drop it on concrete anytime during its life span. A good example would be stainless steel since those are usually made from high quality stainless steels. The second thing these kinds of steel tape measures need is “high precision”. Since these kinds of tape measures need to be accurate, they need to have extremely precise measurements along their length and also across their width — otherwise they fail at both ends
when used in applications where accuracy matters like measuring even just one little bit off from where it should go.
So what? Well, we’re not talking about whether you like the convenience or the precision here — we just wanted to show you that there is no right answer here. We think it’s an important distinction and we hope this helps guide your choice too.

A long steel tape measure from China factory is a tool used to measure the size or distance of long objects. Many people have a tape measure in their homes. It is very practical to measure the height and length of clothes at ordinary times. However, people may not know much about the structure of the tape measure. The structure of the tape measure is divided into eight parts:

1. Shell: made of ABS plastic material, with glossy appearance, anti falling, wear-resisting and not easy to deform.

2. Ruler: it is made of grade 501 steel strip with a thickness of 10 wires (0.10mm), and the ruler surface is painted with environmentally friendly paint. It is tasteless, smooth, wear-resistant, bright in color, and clear and bright in scale.

3. Braking: it has three-dimensional braking at the top, side and bottom, and has a stronger feeling of manual control.

4. Ruler hook: rivet ruler hook structure, not easy to deform, ensuring more accurate measurement.

5. Strap: mainly made of rubber and nylon, it is durable and feels good.

6. Ruler spring: generally made of 50carbon steel and 65manganese, with strong toughness and high accuracy.

7. Anti falling protective sleeve: high quality plastic, anti falling and collision damage, enhancing durability,

8. Labeling: labeling production can be carried out according to customer requirements.

Origin shangqiu Brand songchuang
Specifications 3m/5m Customized processing Yes
Type steel tape Measuring range 0-5000 (mm)
Material stainless steel Accuracy 1mm
Number of cases 50 Size 1.4 * 10mm
Net weight 0.3KG Scope of application construction site and daily life
Tape width 10mm Tape length 5m
System metric Series Measuring ruler

How to install a China long steel tape measure when it is loose

When using a tape measure at ordinary times, it is necessary to pull it out for measurement. Sometimes the tape cannot be retracted when it is pulled out. This situation may be that the tape is broken or scattered and needs to be reinstalled. How can the tape be installed? The installation method of measuring tape is:

1. Fix one end of the spring plate on the shaft, and connect the other end with the tape core to fix the tape shell with the shaft.

2. Wrap the spring piece and the ruler core around the shaft. After wrapping, extend the outer end of the ruler core from the notch of the ruler shell and gently pull outward to tighten the spring.

3. Remove the pulled part from the notch and wrap it on the shaft, then gently pull it outward, and then take out the ruler core from the notch and wrap it on the shaft.

4. Repeat until the spring is enough to retract all the ruler cores, then install the cotter pin on the central shaft, install the cover, and tighten the screws.

It is not difficult to put the tape back when it is loose, but the accuracy and service life of the tape will be affected after it is put back. Therefore, when using it, pay attention to gently pull the tape without too much force to avoid damaging it.

While there are many different brands with different features and price points, we found that the most popular offers were the ones that answered the following questions:

  • It’s lightweight enough to easily carry from one place to another.
  • The strap is wide enough for measuring 8 ft of material at a time, but not so wide as to cause unwanted bulk.
  • The clip is strong enough for more than one bandage or pair of gloves.
  • The tape measure feels sturdy enough to last for years of use, even with frequent heavy use by professionals who work outdoors or in hazardous environments.
  • It’s durable enough for a lifetime of use (even if you carefully take care not to damage it).

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