Green thicken nylon coated Steel Tape Measure

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Green thicken nylon coated Steel Tape Measure

Durable folding
Anti falling and waterproof
Nylon embossing process
TPR material coating
The ruler hook has black coating
Ruler housings of different sizes
Accept customization

Product Description

Green thicken thickened nylon-coated Steel Tape Measure from China factory

A tape measure is a commonly used measuring tool in daily life and one of the necessary tools for families. Luban ruler, Fengshui ruler and Wengong ruler also belong to steel tape. thickened nylon-coated steel tape measure from China factory is a common tool for construction and decoration.

Steel tape can be divided into self-winding tape, braking tape, and rolling tape. Other names of steel tape include steel tape and steel box tape.

The second is the Green thicken thickened nylon-coated Steel Tape Measure from the China factory, which is often seen as a thickened nylon-coated steel tape measure. Many people say it is a cloth measure, waist measure, and tailor’s measure (measuring clothes measure) belong to this category. In the south of China and Hong Kong, it is often called a soft ruler or a ruler. The material is PVC plastic and glass fiber, which can prevent the Green thicken thickened nylon-coated Steel Tape Measure from being stretched during use. The gift ruler is used for advertising and promotion. It is divided into steel tape (steel strip) and leather tape (PVC plastic fiber tape). It is usually cute and small.

Distance measurement

The commonly used distance measurement methods include measuring distance with Green thicken thickened nylon-coated Steel Tape Measure

thickened thickened nylon-coated tape

and photoelectric distance measurement. Tape measuring distance is measured along the ground with a China thickened nylon-coated steel tape measure that can be rolled up. It belongs to direct measuring distance. Photoelectric distance measurement is an electronic physical distance measurement, which uses instruments to transmit and receive modulated light waves between two points, and measures the distance according to its propagation speed and time. Photoelectric ranging belongs to indirect ranging.

Measuring distance with tape

Types of thickened nylon-coated steel tape measure and distance measuring tools

There are two kinds of tape, steel tape and tape, with lengths of 3M, 5m, 20m, 30m and 50m.

distance measurement

Generally, the n-full-length section shall be measured first, and marked on the ground with a drill rod or scribed line. Finally, the remaining length shall be measured. The total length is:

Nx ruler segment length + surplus length in order to prevent errors in measurement and improve measurement accuracy, round-trip measurement is required. The difference between the measured length and the measured length is divided by the approximate value of the length and converted into a fraction with the numerator of 1, which is called relative error or relative precision. Generally, the relative accuracy of steel ruler measuring distance shall not be less than 1/3000.

Between the two endpoints of the scale field is the standard length L, which is measured by the identified steel ruler and corrected by temperature. L ‘(L-L’) /l is the correction number per meter. Multiply by the nominal length to get the correction value (IV) length correction of steel tape measuring distance (1) when the length correction value is greater than 1/10000 of the length, the length correction shall be increased; (2) Temperature correction shall be added when the temperature difference between the span and the standard temperature is plus or minus 10 degrees; (3) When the ground gradient measured along the ground is greater than 1.5%, the elevation difference shall be added for correction.

Origin shangqiu Brand songchuang
Specifications 3m/5m/7.5m Customized processing Yes
Type steel tape Measuring range 0-5000 (mm)
Material stainless steel Accuracy 1mm
Number of cases 50 Size 1.4 * 10mm
Net weight 0.3KG Scope of application construction site and daily life
Tape width 10mm Tape length 5m
System metric Series Measuring ruler

The internal structure of tape measure is ruler bar, brake, ruler hook, ruler spring.

I. Classification:

thickened nylon coated tape can be divided into, self-rolling tape measure, brake type tape measure, rocking tape measure tape measure other names: steel leather tape measure, steel box ruler.

The next is the fiber tape measure, is often seen leather ruler, many people say that the cloth ruler, waist ruler ~ tailor’s ruler / measuring tape belong to this category. In the south of China and Hong Kong are often called soft ruler or pull ruler. Its material is PVC plastic and glass fiber, glass fiber can prevent the use of tape measure in the process of being stretched. Gift ruler for advertising and promotion purposes, divided into thickened nylon coated tape (steel tape) and leather tape measure (PVC plastic fiber tape), usually cute shape is more compact.


When using the thickened nylon coated tape from China factory, first of all, check the various parts of the tape measure: for the self-rolling and braking tape measure, pull out and collect the tape, should be light, flexible, no stuck phenomenon; braking tape measure button device should be able to effectively control the tape roll, there shall be no blocking failure phenomenon; box type and rack type shaking tape measure should be flexible when shaking roll; the surface of the tape shall not have rust and obvious spots, scratches, line pattern should be clear.
The use of tape measure should be “0” point end as the measurement benchmark, so as to facilitate the reading. When using the non-zero point as the measurement benchmark to pay special attention to its starting end of the number of lines, to avoid reading the wrong number.
The use of tape measure should be the same as the use of metal ruler, not before and after the left and right skew, and to pull the tape tight.
The tape of China thickened nylon coated tape is generally plated with chrome, nickel or other coatings, so keep it clean, and do not make it rub with the measured surface when measuring to prevent scratching.
When using the self-rolling or braking tape measure, pull out the tape should not be too hard, and should be pulled out slowly, with the end should also let it slowly back. For brake type tape measure, should first press the brake button, and then slowly pull out the tape. After using the brake button, the tape will be automatically rolled.
The tape can only be rolled, not folded. It is not allowed to put the tape measure in the place of damp and acid gas to prevent rusting.
In order to facilitate the use of the night or no light, some thickened nylon coated tape with the line surface coated with luminescent substances, in the dark with luminescence, so that people can see clearly the line and the number, in use should pay attention to the protection of the coated film.
thickened nylon coated tape in addition to measuring length size, also commonly used to measure the diameter of cylindrical workpiece (such as cylinder, head) size, measurement before the size of the measured diameter to select the corresponding measurement range of thickened nylon coated tape. When measuring the circumference of the outer circle, should choose to use flat thickened nylon coated tape.
The thickened nylon coated tape in use is not allowed to have defects affecting the use of performance, the surface of the measured workpiece and the working surface of the tape measure should be wiped clean. The use of the method is the tape measure around the radial section of the measured workpiece on the circumference, two hands will be tight and make the ruler along the surface of the workpiece slide back and forth a few times after the reading.
Read the method of thickened nylon coated tape is overlapping method, the tape measure tape around the measured workpiece a week, the tape overlap together, watch the two ends of the tape just overlap at the scribe value, the value is the measurement results, that is, the measured cylindrical workpiece of the outer circumference. The measured value of the circumference is divided by π, which can be converted into the value of the outer diameter of the measured cylindrical workpiece (simplified part, head, etc.).
If you use thickened nylon coated tape small diameter cylindrical workpiece, you can directly operate to measure; if you are measuring large diameter cylindrical workpiece, and a person to operate, you should use the magnet block to press the tape on the workpiece (limited to the measured workpiece is ferromagnetic material) to measure, or two people to measure together.
When using thickened nylon coated tape should pay special attention to, one of the thickened nylon coated tape is qualified by the inspection, there have been many cases of problems due to the use of poor quality, the error is very large thickened nylon coated tape and occurrence of the case. Second, in repeatedly measuring the length of the same workpiece size, must use the same thickened nylon coated tape.

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