All inclusive glue coated Stainless Steel Tape Measure

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All inclusive glue coated Stainless Steel Tape Measure

The ruler shell is available in different sizes
All inclusive rubber ruler shell
New ABS material, ruler band can be customized
100% brand new, high quality.
Compact and easy to carry.
Portable telescopic tape measure.
Perfect for daily use, travel, camping, etc.

Product Description

All-inclusive glue coated Steel Tape Measure from China factory

According to national regulations, compulsory measuring instruments need to be calibrated regularly to avoid the impact of insufficient accuracy on the work. All-inclusive Rubber Coated Steel Tape from China factory is generally used for household use. As long as it is not used for production, it does not need to be calibrated regularly. However, it is still necessary to calibrate the newly purchased tape, the repaired tape, and the All-inclusive Rubber Coated Steel Tape from the China factory with difficulty in extending or retracting. The calibration tape is usually calibrated with a vernier caliper with higher accuracy. Let’s learn how to calibrate the tape

Does the tape measure need to be calibrated?

According to the provisions of the catalog of work measuring instruments subject to compulsory verification of the people’s Republic of China, all measuring instruments used for dry trade settlement, safety protection, medical and health, and environmental monitoring need to be subject to compulsory verification. Is the tape required to be verified?

Generally speaking, if the China All-inclusive Rubber Coated Steel Tape from the China factory is not a compulsory meter, it can be calibrated regularly. However, the regular comparison is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the tape measure. So what circumstances need to calibrate the All-inclusive glue-coated Stainless Steel Tape Measure?

What conditions require the All-inclusive glue coated Stainless Steel Tape Measure to be calibrated

Although the tape is not calibrated regularly, it still needs to be calibrated in some cases, such as:

1. Before the newly purchased tape measure is put into use.

2. When the tape deviates from the calibration state or is improperly adjusted, resulting in abnormal calibration.

3. When the tape is repaired.

4. The handle claws of the tape measure deform outward or inward obviously.

5. The scale of the tape falls off, is unclear, or has rust during use.

6. The tape has passed the calibration validity period, i.e. more than 1 year since the last calibration period.

7. The extension or retraction of the tape is laborious or fails.

If there are other necessary conditions, it is also necessary to correct the tape.

How to calibrate a tape measure

The measurement accuracy of the tape is related to the accuracy of measurement. Under certain conditions, it needs to be corrected. The correction method of the tape is very simple, mainly using the vernier caliper with higher accuracy. The specific methods are as follows:

1. When the All-inclusive glue-coated Stainless Steel Tape Measure from the China factory is calibrated, place the 1000mm vernier caliper flat on the table, select any measurement size and fix the vernier.

2. Take the measuring block close to the measuring claw of the vernier caliper, hook one end of the measuring block with the zero point of the tape, pull it to the vernier claw for measuring the size, compare the scale of the tape, and calibrate it.

Origin shangqiu Brand songchuang
Specifications 3m/5m/7.5m Customized processing Yes
Type steel tape Measuring range 0-5000 (mm)
Material stainless steel Accuracy 1mm
Number of cases 50 Size 1.4 * 10mm
Net weight 0.3KG Scope of application construction site and daily life
Tape width 10mm Tape length 5m
System metric Series Measuring ruler

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