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Yucheng SongChuang measuring tools Co., Ltd. is located in Yucheng County, known as "China steel tape city" in the eastern Henan Plain of the Central Plains. The company was founded in 2002, formerly known as the state-owned machinery factory, with nearly 20 years of production experience.Product quality you can trust.

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2m 79inch Diameter Long Stainless Steel Measuring Tape

2m 79inch Diameter Long Stainless Steel Tape Measure

Single plating: nickel plating plus chromium
Double plating: Double nickel plating
The color of the ruler shell can be customized
Easy to carry
Anti slip mark

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ABS New Material 3M Steel Measuring Tape

ABS New Material 3M Buckle Steel Tape Measure

A measuring device includes a measuring mechanism such as a tape with a tape, the measuring mechanism has an end hook with a hook, and a mechanism such as a magnet for selectively fixing the tape to an object, such as a pipe, the selective fixing mechanism is connected to the end hook of the measuri

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Green thicken nylon coated Steel Tape Measure

Green thicken nylon coated Steel Tape Measure

Durable folding
Anti falling and waterproof
Nylon embossing process
TPR material coating
The ruler hook has black coating
Ruler housings of different sizes
Accept customization

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