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I came across SongChuang on Google by accident and was impressed by their professional service. I ordered 3000 pieces of High Quality Rubber Covered Steel Measuring Tape from them and to be honest they were delivered quickly and the quality of the product was very good.
Helene Hale
I have worked in China and used SongChuang gauges. The experience of using them was great. When I found the website I decided to order their gauges for my supermarket and the quality of SongChuang products for export is the same as the ones I use in China.
Jay Wang
If you want to ask me who is the best brand of gauges in my opinion, it is SongChuang, I am a big fan of their company and I have used all their products myself. They are of the highest standard and the quality is no less than that of the local brands in my country.
Professional and efficient is what I would say about SongChuang, I have worked with them three times. Each time they have understood my needs precisely and have produced the gauges I needed quickly and delivered them on time. It takes just over 10 days from order to delivery. I am really amazed.
Gul Eisen
I was working on a new project that would use a lot of precise measures. I decided I was tired of trying to do mental acrobatics with imperial fractions. Bought this and built my project in metric. Loved it. So much easier in decimals. This measurer was great. Easy to read. I liked that it had measurements on both sides. I do wish it wasn't automatically locking, but it does what it says it will do. If you want to have a good, readable tape measurer in both imperial and metric then this is it!
J. Thompson