Can I ask for samples?

Sure, we offer a free sample of stainless steel anti-slip tape measure and steel tape from a China factory, etc, for all customers checking quality, but you will pay the freight, Sample will be shipped to you within 7 days.

How do you assure your products’ quality?

We inspect every finished product of fiberglass tape measure from china factory and nylon coated steel tape measure and all the other products for 3 times before it got packaged, Strict quality control system is applied to our whole production line.

How to customize the product I want?

Please provide Al, CDR, PDF, and other formats of your customized design. Our designer will make a model like steel tape from the China factory and a nylon coated steel tape measure for you.

Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

We are a manufacturer with complete factory equipment, a high standard fiberglass tape measure from the china factory production workshop, a standard production line, and various production equipment.

How to Choose a Tape Measure?

There are so many types of tape measure available on the market today, so which should you choose for the job? Essentially, all tape measures do the same thing. Their job is to measure. What it comes down to is the applications you will be using it for.

How to Use a Tape Measure?

Once you know how to read a tape measure, using one is actually pretty simple. Catch the hook or press it into one side of the object you’re measuring Stretch your tape across your project until you reach your desired length/measurement. Try to keep the tape as straight as possible when doing so Lock the […]

What is the Black Diamond on a Tape Measure?

You may have noticed that there are black diamonds on the tape. These are stud and joist marks. Although they don’t appear on all tape measures, they are a great addition to those that they do. The stud marks appear at 16” intervals whilst the joist marks appear at 19 3/16” intervals. The black diamond […]

How to Read a Tape Measure?

To ensure the precision of your projects, follow our tips and tricks below. The motto to live by is ‘measure twice, cut once. Metric measurements on a measuring tape are displayed in Millimeters, Centimeters, and Meters whereas Imperial measurements are in Feet, Inches, and fractions of Inches. Metric readings are most commonly used in the UK, however, this […]