What are the characteristics of electroplated steel tape?

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High Quality Green coated Steel Tape Measure

A tape measure is an item we often use in our daily lives. Whether it’s height or distance, we use a tape measure. Among the tape types, the electroplated steel tape is also a relatively common one. Since electroplating makes the surface of the tape measure look brighter, not only can it form a beautiful effect, but it will also be clearer when used, and it will not rust even after a long time of use. For users who want to buy a tape measure, you can understand the characteristics of this type of tape before purchasing, including the reasons for the different prices, and then buy it again to guarantee the quality and not spend too much money.

I. What are the characteristics of an electroplated steel tape?

  • Nice appearance of High Strength Electroplated Steel Frame Tape Measure
    Anyone who uses an electroplated steel tape measure believes that this kind of tape will make the surface look brighter after electroplating, and the overall appearance is relatively good, especially compared with plastic products. This type of tape measure is a type that is purchased more frequently, and even if it is used for a long time, it still looks like new.
  • The scale is clearer
    People who often use a tape measure know that the scale on the tape after electroplating still looks clear even if it is used for a long time. The reason is that after plating it is wear-resistant, it will look like a new one. For users who need a tape measure, when choosing to buy roll paper, because the tape measure only has high clarity can it guarantee a more standard measurement when using it.
  • Can be used for a longer time
    Like a normal tape measure, it can only be used for about a year. Basically, the scale on it is very worn. Even if it can be used, many scales have been blurred and worn, so it is easy to measure deviations when using it. If you want your tape measure to last longer and still keep it like new, choose an electroplated steel tape so that you can use it for a longer time. Generally, it will still be like new for 10 years.

II. Reasons for different prices of high strength steel frame tape measure

  • Different lengths
    When buying an electroplated steel tape, the reason why the price varies is often related to the length of the tape measure. For example, if the tape you buy is only 3 meters long, it is a kind of small tape measure like this, and the price is around 10 yuan. If you buy about 5 meters, the price will be about 1/3 higher, and some can even reach 20 yuan, but if you buy a large tape measure, the price will be much more expensive. Generally, the price can reach 50 yuan, or hundreds of yuan. Users need to choose the tape length according to their needs when purchasing, so that it is more convenient for them to use.
  • Different production processes
    Although they are all electroplated steel tape measures, different manufacturers have different production processes, and there will be certain differences in prices due to different production processes. However, this price difference is generally not very large, such as a tape measure around 10 yuan. Even if the process is different, the price difference is generally around 2 yuan. If the size is relatively large, such as a 50 meter or 100 meter large tape measure, there will also be a price gap of about 20 yuan due to different processing techniques.
  • Different materials
    Stainless steel tape measures. Although the tape process, including the material, is basically the same, the outside of the tape measure is often very different. For example, some will choose plastic products made of polyethylene, and some will choose stainless steel, and the price will be different because of the difference between these two materials. If the outside of the tape measure is made of polyethylene, the price will be much cheaper, and if you choose stainless steel, it will be much more expensive.
  • How to buy a high strength steel frame tape measure?
  • Purchase in physical stores
    Generally, when you buy an electroplated steel tape, you choose to buy it in a store more in reality. Because products like this can be purchased in shopping malls, it is convenient and simple to buy. You can buy such a tape measure in your city, and you can touch the tape measure directly, and there is generally no problem with the quality after purchase.
  • Buy online
    It is becoming more and more convenient and simple for our country to buy various products online. No matter which platform you buy products on the Internet, due to the fact that after-sales service is in place, the quality can also satisfy consumers, and the number of users willing to buy tape measures online is gradually increasing. However, if you buy online, you need to compare multiple comparisons to see which one has a high rating and has a good after-sales service, so that you can make yourself more satisfied with online purchases.
  • purchased by the manufacturer
    If you choose to buy a tape measure from a manufacturer, you need to buy it in large quantities before you choose the manufacturer. For example, a merchant that sells tape measures will buy it at the manufacturer in order to be able to earn a larger price difference from sales after purchase. However, when buying from a manufacturer, since there are many such manufacturers, in order to ensure quality, it is also necessary to compare many people to see which one can guarantee the quality and is relatively affordable before you can buy it at the manufacturer with confidence.

When buying an electroplated steel tape, in order to be more practical to buy a tape, you must know what sizes, prices are different, and how to buy it, so that the roll paper you can buy at the time of purchase is more practical.

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