The most commonly used measuring instruments – tape measure manufacturing process

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24 Inch Stainless Steel Tape Measure for engineering

A tape measure is a commonly used work measuring tool in daily life. We often see the steel tape measure, commonly used in construction and decoration, but also one of the necessary tools for the family. Divided into fiber tape measure, leather ruler, waist ruler, etc. Luban ruler, feng shui ruler, and Wen meters also belong to the steel tape measure.

Tape measure manufacturing process

The internal and external structure of the tape measure

A tape measure is mainly composed of a shell, ruler strip, brake, ruler hook, carry tape, ruler spring, anti-drop protection cover, and label eight parts, specific functions are as follows.
1、Shell: ABS new plastic, the appearance of glossy texture; anti-drop, wear-resistant, not easy to deformation.  
2、Ruler strip: 50# first-class strip steel with the thickness of 10 silk (0.10mm); ruler surface is the most advanced environmental protection paint: tasteless, smooth and wear-resistant, bright colors, clear and bright scale
3、Brake: with upper, side, and bottom three-dimensional brake, hand control feels stronger.
4、Ruler hook: riveted ruler hook structure, not easy to deformation, to ensure more accurate measurement.
5、Carrying belt: rubber, nylon two kinds; high-grade quality; strong and durable, feel good.
6、Ruler spring: generally adopt 50# carbon steel, 65# manganese material: strong toughness, high accuracy.
7、Protection sleeve: high-quality plastic, prevent from falling and collision breakage, enhances durability.
8, labeling: can be labeled according to customer requirements.

Tape measure manufacturing process:

  1. Cold-rolled steel strip splitting: that is, the thickness of about 0.11mm cold-rolled steel strip is divided into different widths of steel tape ruler tape blanks.
  2. Surface treatment for ruler blank steel tape: the steel tape is moderately heat treated to make it have certain toughness and tensile elasticity, and its surface is brightened.
  3. Rolling primer: for the pre-treated ruler blank steel strip, roll coating treatment of water-based paint is carried out as required, and dried and wound up under 200 degrees Celsius per minute synchronously, as the preparation material for the later process.
  4. Tape length engraving and character printing: The tape blanks after coating treatment are put into the special printing equipment for length line pattern, length indication value, and related information printing, and rewinding is carried out simultaneously, as the preparation material of the later process.
  5. Roll coating top coat: Roll coating top coat is applied to the tape blanks printed with the long line pattern, length indication value, and other information, so that the surface of the tape has both a beautiful effect and the function of protecting the bottom coating and printing content, and prolonging the service life.
  6. assembly, packaging, storage: after cut off, an inspection of the ruler tape, in the ruler tape head coupling on the appropriate ruler hook, with the applicable ruler shell, ruler spring for the combination of installation, and then after the necessary inspection to confirm, packaging, storage.

Inspection matters of a tape measure:

  • The hardness of the tape
  • Thickness of tape
  • Spray paint adhesion test
  • Measurement of tape accuracy

The most common types of the tape measure

  1. fiber tape measure, site or decoration with more, general specifications 30M 50M, etc.
  2. leather tape measure, the tailor with. 3. steel tape measure, this general, I believe that all used. Specifications are generally 2M 3M 5M 8M 10M.

Tape measure tape layout classification

Ruler tape layout from the color of the main yellow and white.
Ruler tape layout from the system points mainly has a full metric system, full imperial system, metric English system, and Ruban tape measure four categories.

Full metric system

We usually say how much height how many centimeters, that is, the metric system, that is, centimeters (cm). The full metric system means that there are only centimeters on the scale. With the color, we generally say the ruler tape is a yellow centimeter system, referred to as the yellow centimeter tape. Or white centimeters are referred to as white centimeter tape. The main countries where the full metric tape is used are China, Russia, Ukraine, etc.

Full imperial system

The imperial system is inches and feet. The full imperial system is the scale above only inches (inch) and feet (feet). With the color, we generally say the ruler tape is yellow imperial and white imperial. Full imperial tapes are mainly used in the United States.

Metric system

The metric system means that the tape has both metric (cm) and imperial (inch, feet). With the color, we generally say that the ruler tape is white metric (white imperial for short) or yellow metric (yellow imperial for short). Yellow metric feet tape is the most popular ruler tape system, and many countries and regions in the world are using yellow metric English ruler tape. The white donging system, on the other hand, is mainly used in the Indian and Vietnamese markets.

Lupin tape measure

Lupin tape measure also becomes Feng Shui tape measure. That is, the ruler tape printed on the top of the tape with feng shui terms such as wealth, blessing, disease, auspiciousness, fierceness, death, and prosperity, into the treasure. In the process of application, such as carpenters in the time of making furniture, measured with the Luban ruler, if a length is inauspicious feng shui words such as fierce or dead, the carpenters will grow or shorten a certain distance to make this length in auspicious feng shui words such as Ji or fu. Luban ruler is mainly divided into two kinds: Chinese Luban and Vietnamese Luban. Chinese Luban ruler is mainly used in Guangzhou. Vietnamese Lupan is mainly used in Vietnam, and the printed text on Vietnamese Lupan is Vietnamese.

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