How is a tape measure made up?

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Case: The case is where the tape/blade is housed. This often determines how durable the tape is as a whole. Some tape measure houses are made from metal, some from plastic, and others from a robust rubber which has been drop tested to withstand the impacts of the job site.

Case Length: On the back of the fiberglass tape measure from China factory, you will find the case length. It is essentially the length of the case but is a great addition to your tape. It comes in handy when you want to measure around corners. Use the housing for inside measurements instead of bending the tape.

Thumb Lock: The thumb lock is designed to keep your tape in place at your desired length. It stops your tape from automatically retracting back into its housing when carrying out measurements. Simply release the thumb lock to put the tape measure back in its case.

Blade/Tape: The most important part of your tape measure, the blade is what gives you your measurements. Imperial units are usually on the top row and metrics on the bottom. More on the tape itself later…

Hook: The hook, located at the end of the tape comes in handy when measuring hard surfaces such as tables. You may notice that the hook is loose; this is intentional to ensure accuracy. If the hook has a hole in it, this is so it can grip onto screws.

Belt Clip: Does what it says on the tin. The belt clip simply allows the measuring tape to be hooked onto your belt so you can always have it to hand.

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