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Yucheng SongChuang measuring tools Co., Ltd. is located in the East Henan Plain of the Central Plains Yucheng County, is known as “China’s steel tape city”, was founded in 2002, formerly known as the state-owned machinery factory, with nearly 20 years of production experience.
The company can provide you with all kinds of tape with novel specifications and styles, including Steel Tape Measure, fiberglass tape measure, carbon steel tape, frame length steel tape, electroplating tape, oxidation dipstick tape, and stainless steel tape measure from a China factory.
It can provide you with metric, British, metric, and British format tape, 1m-1000m in length and 6mm-33mm in width Steel tape measure can meet different market needs and sell products all over the country; East Asia; Eastern Europe; Africa; North America; Southeast Asia; South America; Middle East; Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan; Western Europe and other places.
Welcome friends at home and abroad to negotiate and seek joint development.


China tape measure manufacturer offer you all kinds of metal tape measure, plastic tape measure products

Customer Testimonials

What customers say about good tape measure manufacturer

I came across SongChuang on Google by accident and was impressed by their professional service and steel tape measure from china factory. I ordered 3000 pieces of High Quality Rubber Covered Steel Measuring Tape from them and to be honest they were delivered quickly and the quality of the product was very good.
Helene Hale
If you want to ask me who is the best brand of steel tape measures in my opinion, it is SongChuang. I am a big fan of their company and I have used all their products myself. They are of the highest standard and the quality is no less than that of the local brands in my country.
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I have worked in China and used SongChuang steel tape measure. The experience of using them was great. When I found the website I decided to order their steel tape measures for my supermarket and the quality of SongChuang products for export is the same as the ones I use in China.
Jay Wang
Professional and efficient is what I would say about SongChuang, I have worked with them three times. Each time they have understood my needs precisely and have produced the gauges I needed quickly and delivered them on time. It takes just over 10 days from order to delivery. I am really amazed.
Gul Eisen
plastic tape measure manufacturer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Black Diamond on a Tape Measure?

You may have noticed that there are black diamonds on the tape. These are stud and joist marks. Although they don't appear on all tape measures, they are a great addition to those that they do. The stud marks appear at 16” intervals whilst the joist marks appear at 19 3/16” intervals.

The black diamond joist marks are designed for spacing I-beam timbers.

Every 16 inches, you may see a double arrow or a number marked in red. This helps you to locate every stud running across the wall once you’ve located the first one without needing to use a stud finder.

Did you know that the first inch on a tape measure is actually short by 1/16 of an inch? This is why the end hook is loose, as it measures exactly 1/16 of an inch to provide accurate results.

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Do you offer the service of signing a trade secret protection contract?

Yes, we sign formal trade secret protection contracts with many customers on thickened nylon coated tape, high-strength steel frame tape measure, etc, especially for customers' patented design, customized packaging, and other related business information.

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How about your company scale?
Annual turnover 5.01~10 million  Company area 6000 sq. ft.
Total number of employees  11~50 people  Support proofing No
Processing equipment 16 sets Foreign trade qualification  Yes
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How to Use a Tape Measure?

Once you know how to read a tape measure, using one is actually pretty simple.

  1. Catch the hook or press it into one side of the object you're measuring
  2. Stretch your tape across your project until you reach your desired length/measurement. Try to keep the tape as straight as possible when doing so
  3. Lock the tape in place using the thumb lock so it doesn't retract
  4. Take your reading and either mark it out or write it down

When measuring, the object's edge may fall between two lines on the blade. To avoid cutting too short, always round up to the larger measurement.

The lock function on a measuring tape from China factory is excellent for quickly seeing whether something will fit through a certain space or keeping the obtained reading for multiple measurements.

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How can I contact your company?

Pls contact us through:
* Inquiry module on our website
* E-Mail marked on the website contact page
* Phones marked on the website contact page

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Steel tape measure is one of the most common items in the house and is usually used for many purposes

Engineering Measurement

Songchuang's metal tape measure is often used in engineering construction. Due to the accurate scale and light weight, it is easy to carry, and has a good ability to carry. Products are loved by workers such as carpenters and rebar workers who need measuring tools.

Land Survey

Songchuang Steel Tape Measure's portable frame steel tape measure can be up to 100 meters long. Ensure the accuracy of the scale while ensuring the length. Many constructors will give priority to our brand when choosing measuring tools to measure the construction scope in the early stage.

Gift Giving

Songchuang has a very design appearance and precise scale, which makes Songchuang's tape measure practical and collectible. In China, many engineering leaders will give Steel Tape Measure as gifts to their favorite employees as encouragement.

songtao measuring tools company entrance

SongChuang is a renowned manufacturer of Stainless Tape Measure, Steel Tape Measure, Portable Frame Steel Tape Measure, Nylon Coated Tape Measure, and Electroplated Steel Frame Tape Measure in China. Established in 2002, with 20 years of experience, SongChuang’s products are characterized by low prices and high-quality control fiberglass tape measure from a China factory. Currently, SongChuang’s steel tape measures are widely used in areas such as object measurement and engineering measurement. They are highly appreciated by users.

For a product offer from SongChuang steel tape measures, please feel free to contact us by clicking on the button.


Relevant certificates and licenses

Yucheng SongChuang measuring tools Co., Ltd., formerly known as the state-owned machinery factory of state-owned enterprises, has nearly 20 years of experience in steel tape measure production. It is an enterprise approved and registered by relevant national departments. With strong R & D strength, it is more worthy of your trust and rests assured of your choice.

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